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Katy ISD is undoubtedly a very fortunate school district.  However, I believe there is always room for improvement and enhanced opportunities.  While they are with us in KISD, I want our students to be comfortable in their own skin and have the district help them reach their personal goals.  I want ALL Katy ISD students to leave the district prepared for the real world, able to become a successful part of the global society.

Opportunity: I strongly support expanded career training education (CTE) in Katy ISD.  It sets students up for college if desired, but also for training programs and associate degrees that will aid them in attaining their goals.  I want to ensure we continue to support all potential post-high school pathways and develop opportunities to match students with future needs of the workforce.  To that end, I recommend the following:

1) Expand CTE in contruction, plumbing and electrical fields.  These may not be able to be housed at Miller alone, which will require expanding our schools' CTE capabilities to meet demand.  We must find a solution to meet the CTE demands.

2) Better utilize and expand Miller to house the demand that we face across our district.  The fact that so many students request Miller classes and get denied prov es that we need more options for this campus.

3) Create an opportunity for students to graduate with a real estate license.  Texas Real Estate Commission requires students to complete 180 hours of education to be eligible for the license exam.  Enabling interested students to do this while in high school means they are employable immediately upon graduation.

4) Create the opportunity for our students to graduate with a HS diploma and associate degree simultaneously.  We already offer dual credit courses; taking it one step further to the actual degree will provide an advantage to many Katy ISD students.

5) Provide experiences for our students that lead to future readiness in all aspects, including additional avenues for leadership.  I would like for our district to create 2 additional JROTC units, on in the NW quadrant and one in the S/SW quadrant, allowing for a greate opportunity for students to participate.

Mental health services: Our junior & high school students face a myriad of undiagnosted mental health issues such as anxiety and stress, depression, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and sleep deprivation. We must focus on preventative measures for mental health causes that are linked to suicide.  I support creating a safe and nurturing school environment, supporting the physical and mental health of children, fostering their social and emotional well-being, and being prepared to address teen suicide through open, effective communication and support.  I support the hiring of mental health specialists such as LCSWs and psychologists to serve students and every secondary school.  Their lives are too important to do anything less.

Equity: It should never matter which school your child attends in Katy ISD.  I will ensure that checks and balances are in place to make sure we take care of ALL students and schools equally.

Transparency: Provide greater transparency by bringing information directly to the public, responding with clarity that reflects the needs and goals of our community.  I believe that the school board must be responsive and receptive to parents, staff, students and the community at large, encouraging an open dialogue.  Our board must take input from all groups and weigh all the facts before making decisions.  Any individual who comes before the board has a right to be heard.  Each member of the board is a Trustee of the entire Katy community.  That Trustee must be accessible and willing to collaborate with all members of the community, because we must build public understanding, support and participation.  I believe this is currently lacking in our school district.  Every educator, parent, student, and community member deserve to know that the Katy ISD school board is serving them.  I want to be a strong voice for our community and help mend the broken relationship between the school board and our community.  We must move forward and not stay focused on the past.  This is the only way to have a school district that continues to set the standard.

Retention:  We need to retain the very best teachers and staff. Education is largely about the relationship between the student and the teacher. We must make smart, helpful decisions that do not just add more tasks to teachers’ lists. The district needs to stay competitive on salary and benefits. We must do away with contract bus drivers. We must expand our ability to hire and train drivers. We want the great teachers, administrators, coaches, staff, and drivers to stay with us

Safety & Security:  As a military veteran it is imperative that we are ensuring that everyone feels safe and that we are employing best practices for our students and staff. Safety must be a matter of continued discussion, truly listening to concerns, constantly improving our procedures, and conducting checks to ensure they are being followed

Uplift:  Advocate for building an inclusive school culture that represents diversity and the social-emotional needs of both the teacher and the student.  Continue to focus on bullying issues in our schools.  It is an issue that continues to evolve with the age of technology and social media, but we cannot forget that physical attacks still happen in the halls and rooms of our schools.  Bullying expands outside of the school & follows students constantly.  Though we have made positive movements forward, we must continue untilwe are able to fully, consistently identify and address it in our schools.

Special Education: We need to ensure all children across our district get to enjoy all the same activities as their peers.  Our children come with a vast amount of differences and we need to ensure not only that we are able to provide them a top notch education, but also that they and our staff our valued and protected.

Fiscal Responsibility:  We must ensure at all turns we are ever conscious of where and how our money is spent. My goals are to ensure that we do not waste the taxpayer money, keep paying down our debt, and do not over build.

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